instant kill

Glossary of chat acronyms & text shorthand. 2014.

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  • instakill — 1. noun An instant kill Poisoned projectiles have a 10% chance of an instakill vs non poison resistant monsters. (Note that the Tsurugi of Murumasa and Vorpal Blade only have a 5% chance of an instakill.) 2. adjective Having the ability to… …   Wiktionary

  • kill — 1. noun /kɪl/ a) The act of killing. The assassin liked to make a clean kill, and thus favored small arms over explosives. b) Specifically, the death blow. The hunter delivered the kill with a pistol shot to the head. 2 …   Wiktionary

  • instant — 1. noun /ˈɪnstənt/ a) A very short period of time; a moment. b) A single, usually precise, point in time. 2. adjective /ˈɪnstənt/ a) Impending; …   Wiktionary

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